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Premium Measure Counter BM3:100-4Y

Premium Measure Counter BM3:100-4Y

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Ideal for use with measuring wheels.

Available in three popular geared ratios, its double ended shaft can carry two measuring wheels for extra grip and stability in contacting measured material.

It is commonly used in the textile, wire and cable, paper, rope, and sheet products industries.

Noncorrosive materials are used throughout for years of trouble-free service.


White-on-black, high contrast figures for easy viewing.

Clean, modern styuled enclosure - corrosion and dust resistant.

Counts in yards, standard footage wheel.

Smooth action rotary push button reset.

No need to lubricate.


Digital 4
Reset Push Button
MaxSpeed 20 m/m.n
MaxDisplay 99.99
MinRead 0.01 YD
Packing 1PC/BOX, 24PCS/CTN
NWGW 15KGS/17KGS/2.6'


Model : BM3:100-4Y
Origin : Taiwan, ROC
Certification : ISO 9001

The company products: Hand Tally, DeskTally, Bank Tally, Ratchet Counter, Revolution Counter, Measuring Wheels
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Mainly exported: ASIA, MID-EAST, EUROPE,AFRICA, N-AMERICA, C-AMERICA, S-AMERICA, AUSTRALASIA, Morocco, Tunisia, SouthAfrica, United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand,Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Israel,Turkey, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal,Canada, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic

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