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Premium Measuring Wheel (Metric system, Dual wheel) MG212YFT

Premium Measuring Wheel (Metric system, Dual wheel) MG212YFT

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This model counts when rolled forward and subtracts when pulled in reverse.

Dual Wheels for best balance, easy to keep on a straight line during measuring run.

You simply walk off your measurement with the "Measure Guide" doing the recording for you.

Quick push button reset system, endless range of uses, rugged construction, no need to worry about corrosion.


No of Wheels 2
Min Unit 0.1 FOOT
Max Distance 10,000 Yards
DIA of Wheels 3.82 INCHES
Circumference of Wheels 12 INCHES
Reset System PUSH BUTON


N.W./G.W./CU. FT





Model : MG212YFT
Origin : Taiwan, ROC
Certification : ISO 9001

Taiwan measuring counter manufacturers.
Twin-wheeled stability, Dependability. Light, Solid, remarkably easy to operate, it's ideal for quick measurements indoors and outdoors on firm or rough surfaces. Clear, Large, Easy to read 12mm high figures counter, adds when wheeled forward, subtracts in reverse so it is easy to correct a measurement if you overshoot.

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